Universe of Emotions – (English version)

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Right now you can buy the poster “Universe of Emotions” and single posters of the six main galaxies, that explains and helps to understand the different emotions. Shortly, there will be related merchandising available.

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The universe is the entirety of space, time and any form of substance and energy.

At the universe you can identify different structures that aggregated make up for the image we have of it. From these structures the galaxies, constellations, asteroids, comets, interstellar matter and dark matter among others should be highlighted. This Project shows a correspondence between the cosmic universe and the world of human emotions.

As a metaphor, the structures from the universe are applied to the emotions that identify human beings and define us as unique and endlessly evolving characters. While the essence of the content has a scientific foundation, in this poster we make use of some devices both metaphorical and artistic.

Universe of Emotions is a graphic map to help us visualize the emotional relationships, a portrait of what is going on inside each of us.



“Emotions are such an important part of our lifes that come to build personality traits”

(Extract from the book Universe of Emotions)

We draw each galaxy from the universe to offer you this pack of prints that perform as unique exploration tools, and even as teaching instruments.

They become a zoom, focused and organized of each emotional galaxy to be found in the poster Universe of emotions. Along with the book, this maps enable us to understand the complex mechanism that moves our inner self. A starting point to start managing our feelings.

Without any doubt, an original and sencere object.

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